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Friday, February 8, 2019

Jeff Bezos: Amazon supervisor blames National Enquirer for extortion

Mr Bezos said the magazine's parent organization American Media Inc (AMI) needed him to drop an examination concerning how it got his private messages.

Mr Bezos and his significant other, MacKenzie, said a month ago they were getting separated.

Their declaration came just before the National Enquirer conveyed reports about the tech titan's extramarital issue.

AMI has not yet reacted to the BBC's ask for input.

How Jeff Bezos took Amazon to the best

The Bezos kickback: Is 'enormous magnanimity' an act?

What does Bezos guarantee?

In a shocking blog entry on Thursday, Mr Bezos posted an email he said had been sent to his mediators by AMI's delegates undermining to distribute "cozy photographs" of Mr Bezos and his darling, previous TV have Lauren Sanchez.

The very rich person, who likewise possesses the Washington Post, said AMI had needed him to put forth a "false open articulation" that the National Enquirer's inclusion of him and his escort was not politically roused.

As indicated by messages included by Mr Bezos in his blog, an AMI legal advisor proposed on Wednesday that the photographs would not be distributed in kind for an open articulation "certifying that [Bezos and his team] have no learning or premise" to speculate such an intention.

"As opposed to surrender to coercion and shakedown," composed Mr Bezos, "I've chosen to distribute precisely what they sent me, notwithstanding the individual expense and shame they compromise."

Right off the bat in the blog entry, Mr Bezos makes reference to AMI's connects to President Donald Trump.

For what reason does he notice President Trump?

Mr Bezos said his responsibility for Washington Post was a "complexifier" for him since he had made adversaries of "certain influential individuals", including President Donald Trump, who is a companion of AMI's supervisor David Pecker.

AMI as of late let it out had co-ordinated with the Trump presidential crusade to pay a Playboy display $150,000 (£115,000) in quiet cash to stay silent about her supposed issue with Mr Trump.

Mr Bezos notes in his blog entry how the distributer admitted to the purported "catch and slaughter" arrangement to cover Karen McDougal's politically humiliating story.

AMI's consent to co-work with government specialists implies it won't deal with criminal indictments over the installments, Manhattan examiners declared in December.

Mr Trump's previous attorney Michael Cohen - who encouraged the quiet cash at the heading, he says, of Mr Trump - has just conceded abusing effort account laws.

Shouldn't something be said about Bezos' notoriety?

The Amazon supervisor didn't endeavor to conceal the potential for humiliation, expressing "obviously I don't need individual photographs distributed" and taking note of what he called "AMI's for quite some time earned notoriety for weaponising journalistic benefits".

"Be that as it may, he proceeded with, "I additionally won't take an interest in their notable routine with regards to coerce, political favors, political assaults, and debasement. I want to stand up, move this log over, and see what slithers out."

His blog contained separated subtleties of 10 pictures in an email from the magazine's supervisor Dylan Howard, who said they had been "got amid our newsgathering".

New Yorker author Ronan Farrow claimed that he "and no less than one other conspicuous writer" had been liable to comparable dangers from AMI.
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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Mesothelioma Trust Fund

Process of Claiming Mesothelioma Trust Fund
Mesothelioma Trust Fund was initially right after the discovery of the danger of asbestos that leads to deadly asbestos-related disease such as Mesothelioma. Shortly after the discovery, many companies were showered with lawsuits claiming wrongful death and personal injury. As a result, companies were unable to pay compensation and reach settlements with victims. This situation led them to file for bankruptcy with the hope that they would be able to limit or cancel their liability.

However, government required them to set up a trust fund as a separate entity from the organization. Trust fund must also be managed by unrelated board of trustees. This trust fund were set up to provide the required amount of compensation to both current legitimate claimants, and future claimants. However, many victims are unaware of the steps they have to take in order to claim eligibility.

If you have just been diagnosed with Mesothelioma and other asbestos-related disease, you may be eligible for financial assistance. The aggressive nature of this tumor requires you get the best medical attention you need which can be very costly. If you are unsure of what to do to claim your Mesothelioma Trust Fund, don’t worry. We are here to walk you through every step of the way.

The legal process of trust claim
Initially set up with the sole purpose of lessening the Mesothelioma victims’ burden due to prolonged exposure to asbestos in the workplace, the process is relatively easy. However, there are still a number of required steps for you to take before being able to file your claim of eligibility and receive compensation. The common criterion required by trust fund to establish claim is as follows:

  • Step one: attach the following information
    • Date of possible asbestos exposure
    • Workplace where said asbestos exposure occurred
    • Complete diagnosis of asbestos-related disease such as Mesothelioma
    • Material or product information that you suspect of containing asbestos

  • Step two: gather your evidence
    • Records of employment
    • If you were in the military at the time of exposure, attach your military service records as your employment record
    • Medical records with your asbestos-related disease diagnosis
    • Records of union membership
    • Affidavits or witness testimony

How to file a trust claim
Once you have gathered all your evidence, you may start the process of filing your claim. While it largely depends on the trust fund, claimants are typically requested to send paper documentation of said evidence and information. Some trust fund may request the documentation and form to be uploaded through the Mesothelioma Trust Fund website.
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Sunday, December 9, 2018

Customer Service & Digital Transformation Consulting AI Solutions

When it comes to customer service, speed is of the essence in todays competitive, fast-paced market. From ordering a pizza to summoning an Uber, consumers not only want easy-to-use websites and apps, but also expect to complete transactions in a few simple clicks  and to receive their orders in the blink of an eye. But while lightning-fast order processing and almost non-existent wait times sound ideal from a buyers perspective, these expectations push many businesses beyond their limits by exhausting their workforce.

 Just as the rise of technology contributes to this problem in the first place, however, it simultaneously works to solve it. In particular, Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions are transforming the way in which companies mitigate the challenges of customer service, lightening the load of employees and increasing productivity across the board. If youre ready to take your company to new heights via digital transformation, consulting these three influential  and perhaps surprising  ways in which AI can benefit businesses is a crucial first step. Lets dive in!

 1. Smart Self-Service

 If your team is always flooded with buyers questions and problems, customer service robots can help ease the burden. These bots, which are equipped with AI capabilities, often interact with buyers directly on the website, identifying and resolving issues without having to involve employees. This not only frees up support staff to address more complex issues,  which many bots diagnostic tools identify and then pass on to employees, by the way  but also ensures that buyers problems are resolved as quickly as possible. Its a win-win!

 2. Predictive Analytics

 Its frequently the case that consumers face the same (or at least comparable) problems, which is why bots can be programmed to answer them. And if the same kinds of issues occur repeatedly, its likely that theyll keep occurring. Its patterns like these that AI tools track, often allowing employees to predict and resolve issues before patrons are even aware of them. Whats more, AI can be used to foresee buying trends, which may be dependent on anything from weather forecasts to a particular buyers interactions with a companys site. When businesses opt for digital transformation, consulting AIs predictive analytics allows you to stay one step ahead of both your competitors and your customers at all times, ensuring optimal service. And whats not to love about that?

 3. More Customer Channels

 The easier it is to contact your company, the easier it is to retain your customers. Especially in todays increasingly digital age, giving buyers the option to communicate with your support team via your site, text message, phone, apps, and other industry-relevant channels increases the chances that theyll contact you in a way that best suits them  and that youll receive return business! While offering multiple communication channels has the potential to result in confusion and chaos, youll dodge this bullet by prioritising AI tools in your digital transformation. Consulting the available solutions and automating them to respond to simple customer queries immediately will keep your customers happy, as well as enabling you to keep track of multiple channels with greater ease. Two birds, one stone.

 And there you have it: while technology has ramped up consumer expectations to levels that humans struggle to satisfy, it also enables businesses to take their productivity and customer service to a whole new level. When it comes to digital transformation, consulting the latest AI solutions is key to keeping competitors at bay, your clientele happy, and your staff sane!
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Saturday, December 8, 2018

Become a DJ with Radio Automation Software

Modern technology has made it easier than ever for people to share their passions with others, and music is no exception. Whether you're a record producer, radio DJ or even just an enthusiastic amateur, it is now possible to start an online radio station in a matter of minutes with no technical expertise required! Thanks to its innovative set of user-friendly features, SAM Broadcaster PRO is one such solution that will help you get online in short order and start broadcasting your favorite music. Radio automation software such as this gives you full control over your online radio station while also taking the reins for you when you're too busy to DJ yourself. Winner of no less than 21 awards, this industry-leading solution is behind more than 200,000 internet radio stations across 150 countries. The leader in radio automation, it provides everything you need, whether you're an experienced professional or an amateur who's just starting out.

 Professionalism and Quality at a Fair Price

 Perhaps you've been broadcasting over terrestrial channels for years, yet you've finally realized that it's time to get online as well since that's where most of your listeners probably are these days. Or, perhaps, being a music fan yourself, you've listened to lots of different terrestrial and online radio stations and decided you to would like to DJ for the masses. Even if you don't have any technical expertise, now you can do just that, and the result will be a professional radio station that people will come to remember. SAM Broadcaster PRO offers a highly customizable approach by letting you add special effects, jingles, advertisements and more. You can also eliminate gaps between audio tracks, improve quality with the built-in graphical equalizer, cross-fade tracks and much more. The only limit is your imagination! Right out of the box, the program is also compatible with a wide variety of formats, such as MP3, Windows Media, AAC, AAC Plus, Ogg and MP3PRO among others. It also supports streaming servers including the Cheapest Stream, SHOUTcast 1, Icecast and Windows Media.

 Integrate Your Online Radio Station with Your Website

 Do you have a website that you want your listeners to love? SAM Broadcaster PRO makes it easier than ever to integrate your radio stations with your website thanks to the included widgets that work with any modern content management system or even a website coded manually from the ground up. For example, you can add your radio station to the sidebar to give your visitors immediate access, along with the controls they need to pause tracks or up the volume. Other features include the ability to add playback history, listener accounts, track requests and a whole lot more. Whether you intend to broadcast for free or do it for money, SAM Broadcaster PRO is designed to automate many of the more repetitive processes while still giving you complete control over your labor of love. The latest version sports several improvements, including better performance and compatibility with the AAC, M4A and Ogg formats. Get started today at the official site.
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CRM Users Email List - B2B scorpion

Channel your promotional campaign with our CRM Users Email List from B2B Scorpion. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the process that various companies use for making their business run smooth. This helps in analyzing and managing the feedback or the customer response. This is the best way to communicate and interact with customers and know their market trends. So, we proclaim you to buy our CRM Users Mailing Data and take your business standard to a brand-new level. And experience a better leads response that you can convert into your customers.

 You should be investing in our CRM Users Email List right now because:
 We re-verify our data before putting it in your hand because provide valid and error-free data
 Maintain sources from different parts of the world, that enables better growth for your business
 The valuable and accurate data that we keen to provide will cherish your marketing skills
 Gives access to multiple qualified leads, that will enhance your business approach giving you better ROI
 Why are CRM Users Email List from B2B Scorpion being the right choice?

 B2B Scorpion is niche and valuable data provider, that has lasted for several years. So, our involvement in this relevant field gave us the experience to customize our data that has the best accuracy and deliverance rate. Apart from that, our presence in the different location has helped us maintain the quality of our data and also meet the clients demand.

 Therefore, we have a squad of great experience, who manages the CRM Users Mailing List and compiles it accumulating from thousands of sources. Thus, collaborate with us and take your business to the next level with an advanced and high-performance database from B2B Scorpion.

 What is CRM?

 The CRM or the Customer relationship marketing is a business technique in which client relationships, customer loyalty, and brand value are analyzed. CRM allows businesses to develop for better future projection with established and new leads while helping streamline corporate performance.

 Compilation of CRM Users Email List

 We have a dedicated data team who makes sure that the details are valid and are from the authentic source. The details are cross verified to assure better accuracy to find your leads and share your message. The databases are being compiled from multiple valid sources that assure better lead generation. Thus, making your job easy and get rolling with your advertisement campaigns.

 For further information, connect with us on +1 866-715-7733. Also, to know more about our extensive CRM Users Email List, mail us at .
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AVS Technology Breaks Iron Triangle of Good Fast and Cheap

by Anthony W. Hawks, Chief Legal Officer, e-LYNXX Corporation

 AVS Technology is the basic procedural component of any automated solution for buying custom goods and services that must be defined by production or performance specifications at the time of purchase. It includes the following steps:
 ENTER vendor attributes
 ENTER project specifications
 MATCH vendor attributes to project specifications to determine sub-set of qualified vendors
 SEND project specifications to sub-set of qualified vendors
 RECEIVE a bid response from at least one vendor

 When these steps are applied using a computer-operated system, a unique competitive bidding environment can be established where vendors of custom goods and services are now willing to offer their lowest prices to fill idle production capacity. This strategy is called "contribution pricing". When vendors bid work (even when bidding well below normal rates), any income obtained above out-of-pocket costs "contributes" to fixed costs and overhead and, when absorbed, to their bottom lines.

 Prior to AVS Technology, buyers of custom goods and services were faced with the "iron triangle" of quality, timeliness, and cost. Regardless of the industry involved, every procurement or supply chain solution seeks to attract business customers that want to achieve the purchasing trifecta of "good, fast, and cheap." Before AVS Technology, however, a buyer could only achieve two of these three goals at any one time, not all three simultaneously.

 AVS Technology breaks the "iron triangle" because it allows pre-qualified vendors with excess idle capacity to provide an extraordinary low price without risk of establishing future buyer price expectations. In other words, price is no longer tied to quality and timeliness of delivery. This is what makes AVS Technology integral to all current and future e-commerce methods and systems for buying custom goods and services  including ERP systems, general supply chain management systems, specialized product or service procurement systems, and even older legacy systems. One such system for organizations with significant buying needs in direct mail, marketing, publications, packaging, labeling and other types of print is currently being offered by American Print Management. Regardless of the industry or buying need, however, all users and providers of such e-commerce methods or systems are required to license AVS Technology if they wish to benefit from this revolutionary innovation.

 AVS Technology is unique in creating a controlled bidding environment in which repetitive purchasers of custom goods and services can leverage the open production capacity of their preferred vendors in a way that virtually guarantees "contribution pricing"  that is, below normal pricing that seeks primarily to absorb out-of-pocket costs and some level of fixed costs and overhead. This is accomplished by allowing qualified vendors to bid high, low, or not at all (1) without having to consider buyer pricing expectations; (2) without fear of setting either high or low precedent for future bid prices; and (3) without worrying about being denied future bid opportunities for which the vendor is qualified. Freed from these concerns, bidders offer pricing based on their open production capacity at the time each job is bid, knowing that if they bid low this week when they are hungry for work, they are not bound to offer the same low price next week when they are busy with other orders.

 The technology is based on a series of patents that the U.S. Patent Office awarded to e-LYNXX Corporation, including Patent No. 6,397,197, Patent No. 7,451,106, post-Bilski Patent No. 7,788,143, and Continuing Application 12/8885,423 (collectively, the "AVS Technology"). This thicket of patents covers all custom goods and services, not just print.

 Licensing AVS Technology should be viewed as both a strategic benefit and a legal requirement. Any organization with a computer-operated system that procures custom goods and services, by following the steps outlined in AVS Technology, is required to obtain a license to use (or continue using) the patented procedure protected by AVS Technology. This applies to systems that are developed internally as well as those used through third-party brokers, procurement services and system providers. Organizations should check with their system or service providers to ensure that the system being used is in compliance with AVS Technology licensing requirements.

 About e-LYNXX Corporation
 e-LYNXX Corporation patented the technology integral to e-commerce. Endorsed by Educational & Institutional Cooperative Purchasing (E&I) and Printing Industries of America (PIA), e-LYNXX drives results through its three divisions.  AVS TechnologyTM licenses the patented* automated vendor selection procedure used in e-commerce and procurement systems.  American Print Management provides web-based system, services and patented AVS TechnologyTM to reduce substantially the procured costs of direct mail, marketing, publications, packaging, labels and other procured print.  Government Print Management offers effective U.S. GPO bid services and strategies.  888-876-5432
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Friday, December 7, 2018

Automatic login a website

Automated login to websites is the very attractive opportunity for a modern man who uses Internet actively. Having infinitely many web accounts, unique passwords and logins we spend so much time filling our login information in the web forms. Lets say, I have ten accounts on different websites. The average length of my login is 9 symbols, of password  10 symbols. When I enter the website, I spend about 15 seconds on remembering the information I need to type and about half a second to type a single symbol. Thus, to login all my ten accounts, Ill spend about 5 minutes! Of course, 5 minutes is not a scary number, but think of it: its the time I spend not on the internet surfing, I spend it on bare typing the information. And what is it, if I have 20 accounts? Not to mention that when you have a large amount of web accounts and strong passwords, you can plainly forget your information.

Today we are offered to auto login websites where we have accounts. We can do it by using a password saver built in many browsers  Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer. When you fill the login form, the browser asks you if the information should be saved. When you say "yes", next time you enter the site, you wont have to type your information. This method cant be called secure as the passwords are stored openly, without any protection, and anyone who uses the same computer can access them.

If you can create a script or a program to auto login websites, you obviously dont need to read this article. And if you cant or dont want to spend time on it, you can take advantage of special software designed for effective password management.

Such programs save your passwords and login websites automatically just as built-in browsers password savers do. But whats very advantageous  these programs dont keep this information without protection. Commonly, password managers encrypt login data and protect it with the only password to remember.

Many password managers have a wide set of additional functions: bookmark manager, working as a toolbar for a browser, random password generator. These options provides comfort and security to your internet surfing. All your information are securely saved and you can easily auto login your favorite websites.
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